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Unity mysteriously failing to start

by Don on August 06, 2020 undergamingprogramming

Recently, I was doing some work with Unity. After closing my session and coming back later, I found that trying to load my project from the Unity Hub just resulted in Unity crashing with no error message or explanation.

Initially, I thought I had caused this by moving the license file I had created to another folder. So I tried to revoke and renew the license, but the issue persisted. I even went as far as to reinstall the whole thing.

It turns out, the issue is that I had recently bought a Wi-Fi adapter for my new computer, as the built in adapter didn’t get a particularly good connection on my network. After connecting the new adapter, I had disabled the on board adapter. Unity, it seems, doesn’t like when you do that! After re-enabling the original adapter (even though I’m not using it), Unity finally loaded up as it was supposed to.

Evidently, this is an issue that’s existed for some time.

Something to keep in mind for the future.

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