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WonderWitch Project Maker

by Don on October 11, 2020 undergamingprogrammingpythonbashwonderswanwonderwitch

This is just a quick entry to note that I wrote two scripts (they’re both the same, just one’s Bash, one’s Python) to automate the process of creating new WonderWitch projects. Since there a few different things to create to make these example files, I decided to just write a script to do it for me, which you can get at Github.

They’re relatively simple scripts (and probably not very good, frankly) that get the job done. It’d probably make more sense at this point to create a more sophisticated Makefile for all of this, so maybe I’ll do that some day. In the meantime, this script should suit my needs of quickly making new WonderWitch projects.

It creates the target folder, an initial .C file, a .CF file and a makefile. The makefile assumes the same directory structure that I’ve been using, so you’ll have to modify it to suit your purposes, unless your location is the same as mine.

Next up, I’ll be looking into actually moving sprites around the screen, so stay tuned for that.

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